Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 7

It was our last day of camp and game day. We woke up at the regular time and ate breakfast. We hung out for awhile after breakfast then went back down to our meeting room to go through set plays and got the starting line up for our game in the afternoon against UC Irvine. After the meeting, we had some more downtime, but at 11:30 we had to head back down to hear from our guest speaker, a nutritionist who works with Olympic level athletes. She talked with us about what we should be eating and drinking to fuel our body. Lunch immediately followed the meeting. Before we left for the fields, I read through the binder the younger ages of my club team put together for me before I left. It was filled with letters from little girls I helped train prior to coming to camp. It was a great confidence booster before my game. At 2:00, we drove to the fields to prepare for our game. Since it wasn't an international match and we were just playing a college team we didn't get to wear the actual US uniforms. We just wore what we had been wearing all week, our practice uniforms. Regardless, it still felt amazing to have the US emblem on my chest representing the country I love and playing the sport I love. We went trough a 24 minute warm up then got ready to play. We played three 30 minute periods. I started at center mid and played the whole first period. Then the second round of players went in the second period and then I played the whole third period. We won the game 1-0. Although they were a lot bigger than us, we still outplayed them. It was a fun game and at one point it was pouring down rain, so much to the point that I could barely see while I was playing. We were going to stay and watch the u20s play UCLA, but since we were soaking wet from the rain we decided to go back to the hotel. We packed up our things and then headed to dinner and then our final meeting. April Heinrichs touched base with us on her expectations for us after this camp and told us to keep improving. After the meeting, we all said thank you to the coaches and staff for everything they'd done for us throughout the week. It was such a fun camp and I learned a lot. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to do it all again!

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  1. Great job Rose! Thanks for the insight into a great experience and something for all to acheive towards.