Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 2

We had to wake up at 7:15, but I wasn't too tired because of the time change. We went straight to breakfast and then headed to the fields shortly after. Our first session consisted of the technical training. We had to juggle with our right foot and then juggle with our left. It was difficult because you had to hit the ball atleast waist high with no backspin or else it didn't count. We also had to juggle with our head. Speed dribbling tests were after that and then a passing drill. We then had to drive a 40 yard ball into a box, 5 left and 5 right. The last test was a shooting drill where you had to drive a ball into the goal. It had to be in the air when it passed the goal line and again 5 left and 5 right. After that session we headed to lunch and then had about two hours of downtime until our next session. At 3:00, we left for the fields and got ready to complete the fitness testing. None of the fitness tests were too hard, except for the beep test. Glad to have gotten the hardest part of the camp over with, we went to dinner and quickly headed up to our rooms to watch the end of the Super Bowl. A majority of the team was 49ers fans so it was a sad day for some. The game ended at perfect timing because we had to head to a team meeting right after. April Heinrichs went over styles of play, formations, and roles of players, which she said we would apply to our next few training sessions. We headed back to our rooms after the meeting to get some rest for the next day. I was happy for the day to be over because I was excited for the rest of the weeks events. I wanted to get to actually playing and training with some of the best players and coaches in the nation.

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