Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 5

I was thankful because we got to sleep in till8:45. The coaches decided to take it easy on us and cancelled the morning session. Instead, we had a jog and stretch after breakfast. We took two laps around the hotel, did some dynamic stretching, and then used a ball to roll out our legs. After that we had some downtime, which was much needed because I caught up on some of my homework. We then ate lunch and had a guest speaker, Angie Hucles, a former US national team player and Boston Breakers player. She talked to us about her experience and gave us insight to what she went through during her time on the national team. It was nice getting the inside scoop from somebody who's been to where all of us are trying to get. We had a team meeting following our guest speaker. The meeting was about the principles of defense, which we then applied to our next training session. We did 1v1 during the practice and then made it a competition after everybody let all the coaching tips sink in. Then we played 11v11 with and without restrictions. After that we rushed to the locker room and got ready to leave as fast as we could. There was no wasting time, it was taco night. We raced the other vans home and arrived back in time to be the first ones in line to stack our plates with taco ingredients. Then off to bed we went to get some rest for the last training sessions of the camp.

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