Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 4

We woke up regular time, at breakfast, and drove to the fields for our first session. In the beginning of the session we did different passing combinations. Then we played a game going to goal. It was 7v7v7. It was kind of confusing at first, but eventually we got the hang of it. We then played 11v11 and to top of the session we ended with finishing and crossing. We went about our regular routine until our next session, which was a little later than usual. For this session, we joined with the u20s and played a 6v6 tournament. It was very competitive. My team unfortunately came in 5th out of six teams, but I still had fun. After training, we all had to take a shower at the training center because we were being treated to PF Changs. We all wore our red training tops and black training pants there and we feasted on a million different delicious dishes. To make it even better, our coach let us get dessert. After we finished that we headed back to our hotel and hung out a little bit until it was time to go to bed. It was an overall good day.

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